Hellboy ^ö^

This was my entry for the Comicon Challenge. I decided to make a stylized version of Hellboy :cool: . The base mesh was done in Max, then I used Zbrush for highpoly modeling… the normal map was created with ZMapper projection.








His head is tad big…

Nice… Love your concept… How did you make the bootss have grooves???

Audiodoc: I wanted to do a cartoon version with the head proportion very big (bobblehead/chibi-like style)

Teeto: Thanks, the boots and all the model was detailed by using custom alphas and masks

  1. Hi Maxter,

  2. I like the movie the Hell boy. I seen all the parts 3 times or more till date. The way he looks is like the man with fire. The right hand of hell boy is really awesome, I love his hand, thick and big hand with fully loaded.

    The comicon you made is really good, I like the very first pic among all, as the pics has the fire eye and the right hand shows the fire inside.

    I am planning to do something new how did you do all this stuff can you explain in brief will I will be really thank full to you.


very well done maxter
i am especiallly <3 the cracks in the filed down horns

i think AudioDoc was worried about him toppling over ,
hey doc dont you know since big red aint from this dimension he aint subjected to the gravity (( which would explain how come he can jump so far and so high :wink: ))


ps : very late question MAX , any chance of us seeing chibi-RED face a chibi-Nauda with the angel of death playing referee :smiley:


BruceSmith: Hey man, glad you liked it. Here you can see the WIP of this guy.

haha that’s a good idea, maybe later on. Thanks mate!
Thanks for the comments and sorry for the late reply;)

You have made excellent images of Hell Boy, I just recently watched 2nd part.

when i first saw ur model i immediately smiled (as it look very cute) nice wok gr8 details on belt hand hand… :slight_smile: