Hello community!!!

This is Clarize a female version of Pinnhead in the Hellraiser universe.

  • modeled in zbrush and rendered in keyshot
  • composition in photoshop

Hope you like her and looking forward to your comments.
You can also take a look in her full glory on my artstation or
my instagram :slight_smile:

artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/oAWe6L
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sculpting_phil/?hl=de

happy sculpting


Very interesting sculpt. Great work!

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OH WOW, THIS AWESOME! Big fan of the earlier movies. I designed the video packaging for the first trilogy. Yes, I am showing my age, LOL!
This is very cool!

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@fiouze: Thanks a lot, this was actually my first “realistic” female sculpt.

@Thom_R: HAHAHAHA you made my day :slight_smile: Super glad you like it and I’m also a big fan of the early movies. WOW we had a video library back in my childhood so your packaging design was part of my nightmares :wink:

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