Hell President 'Buer'


I was really badly sick for 7 days…but that helped me to release my demons with this illustration of the one that looks over Hell, Buer is one of those characters that is just striking and immediately captured my imagination when we first came across him. He is mentioned in the16th century Dutch text, “Pseudomonarchia Daemonum” as the Great President of Hell and is seen in a number of representations teaching philosophy, logic and medicine. His body is composed of the head shaped like a lion and is surrounded by five goats legs which enable him to move in any direction and travel at great speed. There is something monstrous about his features and his face is very demonic with both intelligence and evil behind his wicked smile.

Thanks Rashad for showing me this creature again :wink:

Software used: modo, After-Effects, LightWave-3D 9, ZBrush 3

Oh!! and my first scult on ZB3 …AMAZING to update guy-!!!

Khalid: Another fine example of not only your talent, but fascinating legendary creatures you always manage to use as your subjects. I play a lot of the Castlevania series of video games and I have fought my fair share of Buers…:lol:

You captured the essence beautifully. I especially like the backlight on the calf hair. His expression is just as I imagined it to be…:smiley:

As for your illness, I hope you are feeling better now.

Please keep up the excellent work, as I enjoy it a lot,


It looks amazing!! And I have to thank you as well. Since I could use some good reference for goatlike legs…

Wow, such great style in your 3d art. Congrats. :+1:

you’re one of my favorite CG artists and more so with every work I see

OH!!! …
Thanks a lot Guys…happy you liked it :slight_smile: …I was sick and seing things :wink: LOL

Here are some close ups… I will post more stuff as soon as I get to it, wires and Sculpts…

Thanks guys…


I was having a difficult time getting reference, here is an Old Reference image from the net that helped…





My, my, my, Khalid. I’ve not seen that seal in nigh on 35 years. You actually branded him with his True Name, his seal or Character, as drawn in the great grimoire, Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis. I’m VERY impressed…:smiley:

It’s intersting to note that in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, Buer is indeed listed but that work does NOT traditionally contain the Characters used to invoke and control the listed demons. So it is my assumption that you referenced the Goetia for his seal. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve always had a fascination with these old texts regarding the Dark Arts.

I’d LOVE to see your library, my Brother…


Oops, nevermind, I found your source for the Seal and image. That’s a heck of a collection of texts there…

Like it!!!
Get sick often!!!

Wow!! thanks Guys…Thanks a lot :wink:

I am Happy you liked it… here are some detailed sculpted 3d on ZB3, this was my first attempt, very happy with it :wink: , was really fun, even more addictive…




héhé really cool fantasy creature khalid, brillant work :+1:

amazing work

Thanks guys :wink:

some people have been asking me about the original model ad how may polys… well this was on modo, and here are the original one, after using displacmrnts from ZB, it was rendered at over 4 million polys :wink:

that like a full master plan poject for one of the cities that I creat for architects LOL :+1:




this looks awesome and unique! it will make a great tattoo piece :smiley:

Very Cool!

Thanks guys …

Here are some Lighting on LW 9.2

hope you enjoy :wink:



Such a wicked cool looking model! :+1: :+1:

Hi … and Thanks for the words… :wink:

I used ZB and Modo for the final painting…

Some OpenGL :slight_smile:



:+1: :+1: :+1:
i love this so much!

Thanks bro
wouldnt have don it without the new amazing tools in ZB3, just amazing to have such tek avaluble … happy with the latest ZB znd it it a nother leep to the artist tools… it is just more adictive then before…:smiley: :smiley: