Heihachi Mishima realism attempt

Hi everyone, ive been digital sculpting for a few years now and really starting to get into it as i have alot more free time now that uni is over. im attempting to make a sculpt of the character Heihachi from the Tekken series of fighting videogames.

im really struggling with the real technical stuff like materials, lightcaps and making realistic skin. i know nothing about shaders or fresnal etc etc so any help tips and general feedback is more than welcome.

Very early stages and general blocking out. all done with dynamesh, main body shaped from a standard dynawax sphere :


Heihachi WIP 01.jpg

Heihachi WIP 01-5.jpg

Heihachi WIP 02.jpg

Heihachi WIP 03.jpg

Heihachi WIP 04.jpg

heres some more progress

added some detail to the karate robe with the noisemaker. the one with the tie was just blocking out an alternative costume but im gonna stick with the robe i think.

just a quick comp of the work so far to post on my deviant art page. with the fiber mesh it looks fine in the viewport rendered but when i save it out as a jpeg the edges of the hair look like sh*t :confused: can anyone help with that???

more progress, details liek skin bumps pores and wrinkles added. really need to find a good skin shader / material to really make it look any good.

Heihachi WIP 08-1 Screen CAP.jpgHeihachi WIP 08-2.jpgHeihachi WIP 09 wrinkles angled zoom.jpgHeihachi WIP 09 wrinkles.jpgHeihachi WIP 10 prntscrn.jpg

currently re making the fiber mesh hair for the realism but im not having any look yet. gonna have one version with clay hair and one with fibermesh.

Couple of lighting tests here, ive also sussed the hair fiber mesh stuff but obv not in this render. im going to have to remake the hair in this style but ive been doing seperate tests and i finally got the result to near what i want, will upload soon.