Hec's 2017 Works Depo

Hi Everyone,

Long time no post, so lets fix that!

Starting with something that I actually sculpted at the end of last year, but the painted version was completed early this year. This is Abel! A 75mm scale range multi-kit figure I sculpted for Kimera Models.

Concept: Macs Gallo
Sculpt: Hector Moran
Painting: Kirill Kanaev (Knight of Light version), Francesco Farabi (Risen From Ashes version)
Scale: 75 mm
Height: approx 85 mm
N. pieces: 20
Material: Resin Cast

Kimera Models

Boxart figure painted by Kirill Kanaev:

Knight of Light version:

Risen version, painted by Francesco Farabi:



abel kirll full3.jpg

abel kirll full6.jpg



Here are some more images including some tutorial/making of images I created for an interview. Thought they’d be good to share here also.

Unpainted versions:


Parts breakdown:


The body is one of my anatomy study meshes with a face very loosely based on an actor. The armor was done first with dynamesh, then clean retopo and later more sculpting. Fabrics are also dynamesh sketches with retopo and further refinement later.


On detailed parts like the vanquished demon he stands on and the rocks I use brushes that help create details faster, some of those brushes are the Orb Cracks brush, Trim brushes, Crumple brush, and the Flakes brush at very low intensity.


The cuts and keys were done with dynamesh booleans and some very organized subtooling. I have some more tutorial content explaining similar stuff with a KD miniature on my site.


Love your style, good work :slight_smile:

Now for a pretty different thing. These are the physical versions of my X-Men Infi90s project, the first three of the set. Printed and painted at Ownage, they did an awesome job.


Here’s the unpainted raw prints:

Here’s Wolvie too:

Unpainted print:

Hi again,

Here’s a mini I made recently for Kingdom Death. I hadn’t done KD work in a bit so it was great fun to do one of their special edition Sci Fi figures. This is Aya:

She’s based on a great piece of concept art by KD artist Lokman Lam. That great concept made me want to see her in color, so I did some quick polypaint on her, super quick UVs with UV master, converted the polypaint into textures and decimated her to play around with Marmoset 3 toolbag. Still learning to get the most out of toolbag, but these were the results of this play session:


Renders done with Keyshot for Zbrush and the Keyshot bridge. Gotta love that bridge:



Here’s another piece I completed recently. There’s still a few more to come. :slight_smile:


I also made the environment And attractiveness was more work And that is very, very good

Hi everyone,

Back again with a few pics of another piece from this year. It’s the bust version of my Dumah sculpt for Kimera Models.

Sculpted by me, character design by Macs Gallo, and amazing paintjob by Pietro Balloni.

Couple Keyshot renders:

Pics of the Raw print:



Woooooow wonderfullll

Hi there,

Here’s another piece. An exercise on likeness with some stylization for printability at small scale. I’ll try printing this one myself when I get my machine later in the year. Hope you like it. :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

Here’s a game character I made recently for Spirit Walk Games’ Shardbound. It was pretty fun, that game has a very nice art style and a great team working on it.

Concept by Jeremy Anninos https://www.artstation.com/anninosart
Model and Texture by me (Hector Moran)
Rigging by Dr.Reel www.drreel.com
Art direction by Joshua Nadelberg

Shardbound is a Tactical Collectible Card Game that gives streamers and their viewers exciting new ways to interact and play together on Twitch!



Hi ZbC,

Here’s a couple of mini figures I made for a DBZ board game currently in production. Hope you like 'em.