Head sculpture model of my idol 'Steve Jobs'.

Hello guys,

I am Tony, I am learning ZBrush in the ZBrushworkshops.com with Ryan Kingslien.
I learned some intro lessons (ZB4R2-R3) in that website.

I have made this first model, a head model to learn to sculpt the human face from skull to muscle and skin. I ended up with my thinking of my idol Steve Jobs.

I also learned some skin detail sculpting, texture painting, and BPR rendering technique and give a try to the simple fiber-mesh hair.
Here is what I have so far.

BPR render with LightCap

This is not looks like the real Steve because I am not that good at sculpting a 100% copy :stuck_out_tongue:
I have no idea how to render those transparent lens with perspective distortion and light reflection :-1:
I am happy with the result from learning ZBrush (love the undo button and symmetrical sculpting which I can’t do in the clay sculpting:laughing:)

By the way, I am very existing to see many many great works around here and super existing to see some WIPs from my idol like Rick Baker :+1: and another great artists. Actually I am not so good with digital work because I just switched from traditional style to the digital style… I think it is so much to learn here but at least I have some basics of sculpting and drawing, so I hope I will not fail myself :+1:

Please give me some critiques/suggestions so I can develop my work :slight_smile: :+1:





hi tony, wonderful work you did. i recognized steve jobs right away from the small thumbnail icon… the likeness is teriific :slight_smile: one suggestion is to check his nose. the nosetip you modeled looks too small and not round enough. …coming from a traditional background is great, it gives you a solid fundament to woork from, as this portrait of yours shows. thanks for sharing. and have fun with learning digital :slight_smile:

Thank you for your suggestion kokoro :):+1:

I am working on another model continuing from here! and I will careful with the nosetip this time! :):slight_smile:

perfect start !! keep it up;)

Same here - you could already see it’s Steve by the thumbnail.
My small crit would be that I think the pores on his forehead are a little too big.

Tony, your reply meant a lot to me thank you.
I could tell right away from the thumbnail who this was suppose to be. this looks great I like the skin shader really appreciate the ears.many sculpts downfall,and appreciate that you work on getting different direction to his hair and beard.Ryan knows his ZBrush and anatomy maybe I should take his course.
Looking forward to more from you

It definitely looks like Steve Jobs.

it is instantly recognisable but he looks to fat, he was never that fat

Thank you everyone :slight_smile: I like this site. there are lots of motivation and helpful comments here :slight_smile:

I will keep your all suggestions to use with the new work I’m working on :+1:

By the way, a reason why I wasn’t trying to make my model looks old or thin as the real one (when he was in the treatment) because I want to see healthy Steve one more time. :o
So sadly, I am not so good to make very realistic version of him:(… I would like to try again when I got enough skill but now Tony needs to work with the next models and he needs you all crits really. :+1: