Head Concepts II

Just want to show a new model. It’s the chimp “Holloman Aero Med”,
the first primat in space. Hope you’ll like it.
C&C are welcome.


Ralf Stumpf




:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: cool as ever ralph. very clean modeling. Is it all zbrush ? or have you started the base mesh in something else.

Wonderful beyond words, Ralf. :+1: X 1000! 50.

what an amazingly detailed skin!
great work!


That is wicked bro, Wow…

look’s cool.

i think, it looks like … a monkey :expressionless:

…was Albert with maybe not so technical equipment (1948) (we have not same information :slight_smile:

And alas it died asphyxiationed in the retrun :frowning:

Wow fantastic crisp detailing - very stylish.
:+1: :+1: :+1:

Are you sure it’s not a monkey emerging from a pale of milk? :smiley:

Always amazed at your work Ralph.



Really nice. I like the solid feel to him.

Thanks very much for comments,

vicart2001: base mesh and parts are done in Maya, ZB sculpting in the mesh no bump this time.

50’sKid: Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

froyd: Thanks very much.

odhinn: Thanks for the …wow.

Bernard Caumes: Thanks

solcik: Thanks?

Frenchy Pilou: You have right Albert (he died at his flight) was the first monkey in space.
Ham was the first chimp (primat) in space. he was trained to push buttons during his flight
(the same as I do every day). He died 1983 in the zoo of Washington D.C.

boozy floozie: Thanks

Wordsmith: Thanks

VeryGrimm: Thanks


Ralf Stumpf

my online portfolio: http://wildwire.cgsociety.org/gallery/

Stumpf : Nice model. I would suggeset the only thing is missing is lower eye lids puffed out a bit more to cup the eye ball a bit more.

Really love this one! Did it get missed for top row?

Great character Stumpf, and it brings back the passion I had for all things space in my youth. :wink: Your primate is welcome at Cowboy Feng’s anytime for a Banana Daiquiri! :wink:

crossbones: Thanks, you have right the lower eyelid could be better.

ainh: Thanks, maybe next time.

Janson: Thanks as always, hope we reach the age to see the Mars mission.


Ralf Stumpf

I spend a couple of days to make this dragon head. Hope you’ll like it.


Ralf Stumpf


As soon as I saw this in the recently uploaded row…i thought STUMPF.

:smiley: Ur work is so easily recogniseable and I love it. Ur modeling is absolutely fantastic! That dragon of your is freakin awesome. Great jopb stumpf!! :+1:

Damned, that’s awesome! I wish i could afford Training from You (in case you’d give some …)


your renders just make me speechless. among other things.
how da hell can you force this zbrush rendering engine make this crazy things :slight_smile:

Amazing job!