HD Geomertry looses symmetry when sculpting

Hello, I’m running into an issue when sculpting in HD Geometry. When I’m sculpting symmetry seems to be erroring out. I’m sculpting scales and the primary side works fine, but the symmetrical side’s sculpting effects are more or less non existent. I can sculpt on either side and the opposite doesn’t really show up. It seems to be fine outside of HD geometry though. Any thoughts on what could be causing this issue.

Hello @Matttamesart,

I’m not seeing any issues with Symmetry and HD Geo with some quick testing. The main reason for any issue using Symmetry with a mesh is that the mesh may not actually be 100% symmetrical in the worldspace (is not 100% identical on both sides of the global center). Note also that when using HD geo, only a small area of the mesh is sculptable at any time. If the Symmetrical sculpting falls outside of that active area, no sculpting will take place.

You can try turning on L.Sym for your mesh. If the mesh is actually off-center in the worldspace but 100% symmetrical across it’s own center, this may resolve the issue. Otherwise you would need to force your mesh into symmetry in the worldspace.