Hazmat Soldier (WIP)

Hey guys, I’m pretty much new here and I’ve only been sculpting with Zbrush recently. I would like to get critiques on my work so that I can hone my craft.

I suppose I should explain a little about my workflow with this character. I created a very simple base mesh inside Maya and then exported that into Zbrush for detailed sculpting. After I was happy with the overall anatomy and proportions of the character I began masking and extracting out pieces of his clothing.

For the tubing I went back to Maya to create a simple mesh for the multi-chain tool. The helmet I appended a sphere and sculpted details that I wanted and retopoed in Maya and exported back into Zbrush for a more hard surface feel and resculpted any lost detail. (I know I could do this in Zbrush but I felt like I had more control in Maya, shockingly).

Brushes I use mostly are clay buildup, dam standard, trim dynamic, orb cracks.



Update, added textures and sculpted some more detail.