Havok 1/10 - IRON STUDIOS

This was the first project that I worked on when I joined Iron’s team. The base was made kitbashing assets done by our studio.
The final statue is the result of the entire team’s effort, and the images were done by the marketing team.
Concept artist: Daniel Senna
Sculptor: Gustavo Grazziano
Lead artist: Junior Guerhard
Art director: Igor Catto


I’ve been looking to start collecting these across the board from Iron (if only I could find the space). The overall diorama one can create is incredibly epic and this Havoc piece is absolutely exceptional. The way the radiation has been sculpted from his fists is cranked up to 11 and the gesture created really brings Havoc’s power to life. You all pulled off a a marvelous piece! Thank you so much for sharing!

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Thanks a lot! I’m very happy that you liked it