Harry from Harry and the Hendersons WIP

Hi guys!

I had a bit of downtime between projects and figured I’d start working on my favorite creature/character design of all time, Harry from Harry and the Hendersons. Rick Baker did such an amazing job with Harry, I wanted to try and see if I could at least somewhat capture that magic in Zbrush.

Plans are to rig this in a way that replicates the awesome animatronic mask. This is still very early stage stuff, so lots to do still :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking! Hoping that all of you are safe and well!


Quick little facial expression progress :slight_smile:


Feeling pretty good about the overall proportions and fur length. Now to redo all of the fur (lol), add his hands, and sculpt more fine detail on his face and body.

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Bunch of work done to his head and body.

I’m now revisiting the fur :slight_smile: It’s only applied to the head, torso and arms in this image…but he has several different coats of varying lengths of hair now. Going to to do the same for the legs.

Then it’s off to tweaking the hair color and shaders. He’s getting there! :slight_smile:

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Need to work on those chompers

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Latest bit of progress!

Here is a super early motion test, the fur is way too loose in it. But it is a start :slight_smile:

Here is the latest state of the model. Still refining everything.

Stunning interpretation

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Thanks Peter! Here’s a bit more progress :slight_smile:

Harry’s fur is done :slight_smile: Off to sculpting the hand details and then he’ll be ready to be fully rigged!!

He’s cute … in his style !
Nice work, it has surely been a hell with fibermesh.

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Thanks so much @Tomographyx!

On a side note, I completely forgot to share this. But here is the head in Unreal Engine :slight_smile:

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