Harley Quinn - Animated Series (1/10 scale) - IRON STUDIOS

These are official product images of Harley Quinn - Animated Series (1/10 scale) in which I worked as a sculptor at Iron Studios.

I have always been a big fan of Bruce Timm’s drawings (he was Harley Quinn’s character designer), so It was amazing to be part of this project. And also a great learning experience, as it was needed to read and translate strong and energetic 2D forms into the 3D sculpture.

The final statue is the result of the entire team’s effort.

Concept artist: Lucas Torres
Sculptor (Harley Quinn): Gustavo Grazziano
Sculptor (base and Joker): Lariana Rafaela
Painter: Marcelo Guerra
Lead artist: Junior Guerhard
Art director: Igor Catto


Congratulation @ggrazziano and the team at Iron Studios, great project and output :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot Jaime :grin:

Excellent! :+1:

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Muito bom mesmo o trabalho


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Muito obrigado @Finotti

Thank you @marcus_civis!