Hare of the Moon

Hare of the Moon by Brom

Sculpted by myself
Painted by Matteo Di Diomede
Officially licensed mini for Mindworks Games


Really nice sculpt–especially on the hair and drapery! Nice job capturing the original piece :+1:

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@Spyndel Thank you !! Its always a nice challenge trying to capture Broms style in sculpture. I had to change the face a little from the original as i didnt think it would translate well to the smaller scale.

I love how you captured those plumes of fur from the painting on her legs! They translated beautifully.

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@Che_Spetter Thank you!

Such a cool piece James! Came out really nice :+1: thanks for sharing!

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@Jaime Thank you Jaime!! :relaxed:

Wow, awesome piece!

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@KyleJ39 Thank you Kyle!!! :relaxed:

beautiful work, as always.

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@PixoPaul Thanks Paul!! :relaxed: :black_heart:

Very good work

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@jkSon Thank you!

Wonderful piece, great work! :+1:

is that a 3D printed model? If so who printed it for you > Great work

Your work is absolutely amazing. i hope to be half as good as you are, one day lol