Hardsurface Practice

Hi guys, I decided to try to work like Marco Plouffe, on different hard surface details. He’s have a few tutorials and tips and youtube channel (Keos Masons). There is a lot of cool stuff. As usual, it was another artwork for practice, but I liked it and I wanted to finish it.
At this job, for the first time I tried to make the texture of the skin and hair with firebermesh.
I also practiced rendering passes in the zbrush and turned on the light in the marmoset.
I hope you enjoy the work (‾◡◝)


Looks cool @Sinkdenart can’t go wrong with Marco’s workflow :wink:

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Thank you! Yes, quite simple methods, but very effective (‾◡◝)

so cool artwork! I really enjoy this details, fantastic! :heart:

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