Hardsurface construction / workflow

Hello everybody. I’m having some workflow issues how to construct more complex hardsurface shapes. This is what I think os far. I think its best to split up bigger pieces and create the form you want then make a boolean and zremesh it. If the piece / form is to complex its going to be much harder to get a cleaner zremesh piece. Is that correct? I tried to continue from a clean zremesh piece and make further adjustments like adding more subtractions, but Its to low then and zremesh wont work correctly. Therefore I think you have to build the piece in subtools then do you subtractions/adding and make a new boolean mesh you then zremesh. This way you can always go back to the MasterSubtool which have all the parts. Is that correct? I would certainly like to hear from more experience artist hwo i should construct this. Thanks in advanced.

Hello @decorix

Yes, that’s correct. If you’re going to be using a re-meshing workflow, then ZRemesher will do a better job with simpler shapes. It would be better to leave complex forms in multiple pieces that ZRemesher will be able to work out more easily, then combine them after ZRemesher has already remeshed the individual pieces. Clean polygrouping will be important here both to help ZRemesher identify edges, and also to re-establish creasing with CreasePG.

However, eventually you will always reach a threshold of detail that ZRemesher is just not going to be able to process. If you plan on doing micro-detail modeling on the surface, for instance with extremely fine inset detail, you should begin this type of modeling after you have finished ZRemeshing the final form together.

Good luck!

Hello Spyndel,

Thanks for the information. Then I’m on the right track how to tackle this monster :slight_smile: I was doing and making the shapes to complex getting and loosing to much detail with Zremesh. This helps alot. Thanks again. Decorix