Hard Surface Futuristic Assassin

hey guys this is my first thread here!! some of you may know me because I’ve been stalking your amazing threads :slight_smile:
Anyways I’ve finally mustered up the courage to post a personal project of mine that I’ll be working on the next few months
Here is a concept sketch of a futuristic female assassin i’m planning to do by using hard surface techinques. I haven’t polished it or retopoed at all so srry about all the messy concepting mainly used clay tubes and a little bit of hpolish
So let me know what you guys think and what I could do to make the concept better. I’m planning on adding more detail/fine tuning and will show more progress within the week enjoy! :slight_smile:


ZBrush Document.jpg

Hey, looks like a great start! I like the silhouette you’ve got going. The only thing I don’t like is the angle of the indented circle at her hip…it seems like it’s parallel with the y axis, whereas it’d probably look more natural to be closer to parallel with the angle of her hip. And maybe you’re already planning on this, but if it were me, I’d add some kind of face mask to scary her up a bit.
One suggestion for you: you might enjoy working with the trim dynamic brush after the clay brush to give you cleaner planes to polish from

Looks quite good. I think that legs are too long but the rest is fine I guess. I see massive inspiration from Eat 3d Hard Technique DVD tutorial :slight_smile:

@teeg000 - thanks man!! yeah I think i will probably get rid of the circle dunno yet! but as for the face I’m thinking of giving her some sort of visor attachment/helmet :slight_smile:
@No.2 thanks man! definitely did get inspiration from eat3d hard surface tutorial just googled a lot of female mechanical hard surface armor and she looked the most appealing :slight_smile:

Hey Zborn, Great start here … look forward to following your progress with this one! :wink:

Cheers, David

@ chalkman - Thanks David for checking me out!
been busy with work but here are some updates just playing around with fibermesh/cleaning up my mesh hope you like feel free to comment need critiques Thanks! :slight_smile: