Happy MJ

Rework of old project, Zendaya likeness i did two years ago. Since i had no understanding of any discipline regarding character creation workflow back then, i thought it would be a good idea to challenge my skills and knowledge i acquired during two years, plus get known to Unreal Engine 5. Its not much of a rework as i had to do everything from scratch basically but bar is pretty high so i had no shortcuts to take. Face is sculpted in Zbrush, cloth in Marvelous designer and refined in Zbrush. Retopo UV and all the tech goodies in Maya. Groom in Xgen. Clothing textured in Substance painter, head maps are mix of custom and TexturingXYZ maps.

Renders in Unreal Engine 5. Hope you like it! smiley !


Looks just like her! Great job!

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thank you Natashaa! :slight_smile:

Hey, are you able to do a 3d sculpt for a 1:6 ?