Hands sketch and digital clay render

Hey guys,
This is my first post here, I’m joining the community :slight_smile: . So basically I’m a traditional artist based in France, and trying to learn new tools. I’m very excited about learning all kinds of new stuff!!!
This digital model is also my first rendered zbrush model. I did it while watching tutorials to learn the software last saturday morning. I’m taking the opporunity of the quarantine to start my learning process with digital softwares.
The final detailing path is created with the Pablo Munoz’s clay brushes. The model is amazingly rendered by Pablo himself. Thanks a lot :wink:
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Salut @romain_Vandenbogaert, bienvenue sur ZBrushCentral :wink: Makes me happy to see your digital works and great first post, welcome to our community!

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A perfect example of traditional art/media brought into the digital/3D world, imho.
Beautifully expressive. Wonderful artistry.

yeah Romain :smiley: Great to see you here! I love this as I’ve already said and I really look forward to more from you! Impressive work:grin:

Romain awesome sculpt loving it!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Awesome Romain! Your first post in the ZBC and straight to the TOP ROW!!! congrats! Keep the ZBrush sculpts coming and thanks for letting me play with the model at render time :wink:

Wow wow wow, thanks a lot for all the replies, and for this warm welcome ! I could’nt expect better. It’s really pushing my motivation :slight_smile: !

@Jaime Thanks a lot, I took time but I’m finally here ^^

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Awesome one Romain…! remind me the good old fine arts college days!! :innocent::v:


Solid Art work :heart_eyes: