Halloween Gallery 2003

It’s time once again for the Halloween Gallery! … post your scary, ghoulish, haunting ZBrush images in this thread and we’ll post them in the Halloween Gallery at ZBrush.com, beginning October 27.

We’ll post one ZBrush image per artist. You may post WIP’s in this thread, but let us know which image is your final submission by writing [Gallery Entry] under the image.

Pix, you guys rock!!
Insert rocking graemlin here

hehe , I’m probably in :slight_smile:

Yep !! :smiley: :+1:
Tnx Pixolator !!

Well, now I know what my next project is at least!

Thanks! I have had the pleasure of participating in all so far, I do not think life permiting that this year will be any different! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m in too. :cool:

Me too… my favorite thread of the year!

ha! tradition! :smiley: thanks, Pix!

heres my firrst(?) contribution:


[gallery entry]

alphacentury + alphabrush terrain, starry night customized material (see below zipfile including a script showing one tip for how-to-use), as a ghost wont have a shadow i didnt need to think about bg depth - so the terrainpic was imported as a texture into a new resized canvas; the ghost was made from sweep profile, standard (mask all - col) and handpainted mask combined were used in an attempt to make the folds :slight_smile: ghost was made on own layer, its materials transparency tweeked higher and flatten layer was switched off after a first best render. rendering in a layer of its own allowed both transparency to show and me to play with render-antialiasing settings without affecting the whole image - i think i never rendered anything at highest super sample settings - but with flatten layers off it helped to get rid of the heavy sweep profile jaggyness without blurring the background (image is original-size, no additional resize AAing).

hope you like + have a fantabulous and :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: halloween 03, everybody!

  • juandel


ghostscript :warning: huge file (2mb - thanks, Digits for webspace!!!) including ghosttool, -material, -light - you might want to abort the script after loading these, nada interesting following :slight_smile:

:large_orange_diamond: edit as per next day: lol, Flycatcher re your below comment - i assume there might be people who think the kind of device you are thinking about is creating a myriad of ghosts when they are used the proper way :smiley:

as i thought it looked too deserted i have added a layer with bats (made via alphaskin based on a batshaped i took from the web)

Thanks for the invite, Pixolator! Have to start the brain cranking. With Zbrush and the talent around here, this should be interesting. Great ghost, juandel! 50.

No, don’t use that one - it’s got holes in it. You don’t want to risk a paternity suit! :smiley:

Sorry - no offense, but the visual double entendre sprang immediately to my mind when I saw this one. Probably says more about my mind than your intention! :wink:

Cute little guy though, and the transparency effect is very well done. :+1:

Okay, I got a great idea for this thread, which I’ll be working on over the weekend, but I did this, (Like Ju-Ju), as my first entry to the gallery…Booooo!! :wink:

… one can simply not resist, so one must post this wip (to be continued with only the last version). One did it using ZBrush for the heads, Truespace for the “pillar/mounting device”, and Vue for all the rest (eyes are from Vue, glowing material). A wip, far from being complete - but …! No post so far.
(learning has begun, some of lthe things here from “kutter”, so this is also a small “thank you”).
Off to read some more…

Have you seen the Halloween Gallery 2002 for inspiration ?

This is the WIP i’m working on …

Oh Namek that is gonna be an awesome model! Can’t wait to see the finished result!!

One might go and do some more changes to this, but for the moment…!

It’s the end of a story >> should I (the one who visits) take one or all coins, should I add one? What if the head is a warning? Will those awakening ghosts just dance around the altar - or will they charge according to what I did to the coins??

I just don’t know :smiley: !
[Gallery Entry]

Still the trio (quartett if you take me into consideration :wink: ): ZBrush for heads, ghosts; Truespace for the “altar”; Vue for the rest (including rendering and some small nifty things). Still no post.

Oh wow, so far guys these entries are great! And I am really looking forward to seeing the works in progress finished!


Well, here is my offering. It is mostly Zbrush, but I did do some post work in Photoshop. And I did use a base poser model as a starting point for the woman, although I used zbrush to deform her features more to suit my theme. The hair, eyes, clothing (the texture for the dress is my own creation, done in zbrush) and jewellery and foundation she is standing on are all modelled from Zbrush. I found the ideal background was a picture I had already posted sometime back so I used it with a few modifications. And the skeletons were old tools that I had left over from last year (I think they were originally poser as well before I messed with them.) Actually the only post work was the smoky mist in the foreground, and that was added in photoshop using a filter from Alien Software, called xenofex 2.

Well enough talk here it is:

[gallery image]

There are some really great images happening here. Good work, everyone, for a small, but growing thread.

…and then the fat man’s eyes widened…and he started to scream…

well, with all that fog he doesn’t look quite so fat. …just hope no one’s gonna notice I was too lazy to add ears to the head :wink: