Halloween Challenge 2008 Marco Bezoet de Bie

Hello, this is my first post in ZBrush Central.
This is my first entry for the halloween challenge…it is the halloween troll form the island i live on…i just made the basemesh in Modo and then added the bird and cane with skulls by improvisation. All with basemeshes in Modo.

I have to make a groundplane and some other background items (already got some ideas).

Hope you like the idea and i am just having fun sculpting away…so much to learn by the way and what better way then to just enter a contest…




and a close up halloween-troll_draft2_906-640.jpg

ahhhh, theres a pirate amongst us, haha, awesome, looking really good. you detailing mroe and texture painting?

Thankx XSI,

Yes i am putting more details into it, making a small platform and some surroundings. Texture painting? maybe…i am relative new to ZBrush so must look into that (shouldn’t be that difficult now with pixolpainting instead of projection master) :smiley:

I think i am getting close to the final result…the halloween troll is getting ready for some trick or treat…preferably sugar coated small rodents, dogs…working up a great apetite.


I love sugar coated rodents :slight_smile:

just a couple of things, i think you should add some volume to his feet, they look a little flat. also detail the skulls and make each look a little different. poly painting isnt too difficult, check out the stuff on www.vimeo.com and the zbrush wiki is a great help :slight_smile: of dont forget the zbrush site, they have some good little vids on there :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input, i will check out the feet and the skulls. I will polypaint the halloween troll…i looked into it and ist seems quite easy. Really looking forward to posting a textured troll to this site. Having much fun using ZBrush (and Modo).

I am getting close to the finished image…now textured (polypainted)
I’m thinking about a different background.




My Halloween Troll from a small dutch island in the northern parts…isolated from mainland and with parts unknown to mankind…where there is room for the halloween troll to wander and performing its rituals…so the legend says. Few have seen him and lived to tell… Happy Halloween to you all.

Basemesh of the troll and parts with Modo (absolute fantastic to work with), sculpting, texturing & rendering done in ZBrush (3.12), background made in Vue infinite 6 and overall postproduction in Photoshop CS3.

This is the final version and gallery entry.




really nice work :+1:
Maybe you should have used AAhalf on the canvas for the render to reduce the antialiasing on your model.
but just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Thanks Uwe,

I have edited my entry and used some blur tool on the edges. You were right some edges were badly serrated. By the way saw your site and the homepage picture is awesome!

yeah looks better now!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Looks good bezoetdebie,

Keep up the good work, nice entry :slight_smile: