Hair Pipeline Tutorial

Hi I’ve made a new gumroad tutorial about hair modeling pipeline for games.


This tutorial gives you an overview of the process of making low poly hairs for games. I will walk you through the first steps of setting up Fibermesh in Zbrush, through converting it in low-poly geometry in 3dsmax to painting flow maps the most time efficient way in Photoshop.

Topics covered:
⦁ Fibermesh settings and Groom brushes.
⦁ Export from Zbrush to 3dsmax.
⦁ Turning splines in geometry with variable width via script.
⦁ Retopo tools in 3dsmax.
⦁ Painting flow map in Photoshop for anisotropic highlights.

This tutorial shows you the general pipeline from finish to end - the big picture. It doesn’t explain every single button and process in detail so some basic knowledge of Zbrush, 3dsmax and Photoshop won’t hurt.

Hope you find it useful!