H.R. Giger Tribute

A little tribute to one of my favorite artists. I hope you like it!

Software: Zbrush, Photoshop

Making of:


giger-tribute-by-santiago-betancur -web.jpg

Really nice work! Captures the Giger mood very well. Great use of panel loops too! They are perfect for the Giger style! :slight_smile: I just wish that the dark-which contrasting areas weren’t so jagged from the AA in what I’m guessing is the alpha channel.

very well done.may god rest him in piece.:wink:

Thanks for the comments, yes, the alpha channel Is not working well, I try to fix it!! :smiley:

excellent! how long did it took you? the whole thing…

Thanks man, this toke me about of 10 or 12 hours :smiley:

Here a render breakdown in Zbrush

Hey!! here I share you some images with the process for this piece. I hope you like it :slight_smile:


2.Exploring Shapes

  1. Cleaning mesh

4.Details - alphas

5.Panel Loops

  1. Alien Sculpt

  2. BPR Render Passes

Awesome details! A fitting tribute.