Hello all,

I am very excited to share my latest work and also introduce you to Gutt, a character developed for a project that we, at POD8 Studios have been working on.

I was responsible for doing the concept, model and sculpt.

Concepting and designing was mostly done in Zbrush.
I used Maya and Zbrush for modeling/sculpting. Texturing was done in Mari and rendered in Arnold. Thanks to Arun for helping me out with texturing and rendering.

Here is the initial ideation of the character :

Gutt is a UBC fighter from an underground world, where these gangs operate secretly. These clubs organise championships.
7ft 3 Inches tall, weighing 317 Lbs, in his mid 40s, tough and a furious fighter. started competing when he was 12.
He has never lost a fight in his life, and is famous for his knockouts.
Does not fight for any team anymore. Fights for himself.
Still fighting at this age, no one knows why ? does not need any reward. Its just his way of living, these championships are a part of his life. Thats what life is for him, probably.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:














Nice sculpting! :+1:

Thanks Webhead. :slight_smile:

This looks Awesome , Nice sculpting and rendering :smiley:

Awesome work dost! Top row material! :+1:

Fantastic man… I think you need to work on its skin color to make this beast more amazing … but really fine work over all

Amazing sculpt.

Amazing work Shikhar. Congrats for top row :).

Good stance and great work.

You deserved it man.

nice work Shikhar :slight_smile: congrats for the top row

@canndis - Thanks Anuz :slight_smile:

@vvmanoj - Thank you Manoj :slight_smile:

@beth641 - Thanks a ton man. You are right , will definitely work on your suggestion and I am sure this character is going to have more versions. will keep you all posted.

@genggi99 - Thanks mate :slight_smile:

@sujesh - thanks sujesh, means a lot. :slight_smile:

@satishB - Thanks a lot brother.

@Tushank - Thank you so much Tushank. Love your art bro… keep up the great work.

@Rishi - Thanks Rishi. Glad you liked it :wink:

Congrats on Top Row mate! :slight_smile:
Really fantastic work, love the creature design and his face is killin’ it!:+1:small_orange_diamond:)
Enjoy your day of the fullest mate and happy sculptin’:slight_smile:

@Kenny - Thank you so much Kenny… your kind words mean a lot.

That close up on the arm wraps is mind blowing. How on Earth did you achieve such detail and authenticity? I’d love to see a break down. :smiley:

Hello black-tooth… thanks for liking it :slight_smile: well I just used the required fabric texture as alpha and then a little manual work, for those edges and threads on the surface. will share the process through images soon. That will make it more clear :slight_smile:

The details are just astonishing! Congrats on Top Row!

nice work … i like the cloth texture

Great work, Shikhar! :+1: