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So I just found out that when mirroring fibermesh, the mirrored fibermesh doesn’t render???

Fuck me.

The mirrored fibermesh also does not smooth. If anyone knows how fix the mirror render problem, plz let me know!!

Also crit plz.


Did you use Mirror and Weld or the Mirror in Deformation. Once FiberMesh is accepted it’s topology so a Mirror and Weld should work, however once you do that the FiberMesh will subtool will no longer take on fibermesh properties, IE. using the grooming brushes.

The fibermesh tag will be lost once you mirror and weld.

Are you using LiveBooleans anywhere?

Are you using Nanomesh or Array Mesh anywhere?

How many millions of polygons is the hair?

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Hey, thank you for the help!

I used live boolean for a couple things. But I made it into a boolean mesh and appended it to this project. So there was no active live boolean when I worked on the fibermesh.

There is no Nanomesh or Array Mesh being used.

The hair has 258,000 polygons.

I tried Mirror and Weld. I noticed that the hair renders differently. Heres an example with the right hand side still having fibermesh properties and left hand (mirror welded) side. They both have the same color and the default hair material applied to them.

hair example

Is there a way to still have the fibermesh rendered look for the mirrored welded one?

Otherwise It renders great when mirror welded!

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Can you turn double off in Display Properties to see if the normals are flipped.

Are you doing a Mirror in Deformation first and then doing a Mirror and Weld?

Try refilling the hair with a new material and white color.

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Solid likeness! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I first mirrored in deformation, then I mirror and welded. Then I masked the right hand side and deleted the mirror welded part for that side.

The left hand side is a regular mesh and the right hand side still has fibermesh properties.

So i filled it with white and basic material.

Initially the mirror and welded hair only had normals on the top and none underneath. So I used qmesh to extrude more normals.

I also tried changing color and material to the initialfibermesh, then mirroring (in deformation) and rendering. I got this result.

the double is off here, and it looks fine from underneath and on top in terms of normals

I did a little test and it worked perfectly here

I really appreciate the help!

I suppose i dont mind doing the other side of the hair by hand but id like to avoid whatever i did to make the fibermesh not mirror and render right in the future as well

Thanks Man =)

The issue is the normals are flipped on the mesh that is being mirror and welded. I need to look at this further.

With the test you did, I think the fibermesh count is low so that may be why it’s working. I need to investigate more.

For now I would just do the other side until I can see why the normals are flipping.

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thank you for the help and the attention to my problem!