Gunslinger Spawn

I all !
A little WIP of my last project, “The gunslinger Spawn”
I base my work on the Todd Mc Farlan’s Action Figure, It give me more accuracy.

I’ve made my base mesh in 3ds Max, All the rest is in Zbrush

I hope update my wip really soon

See ya !

Looks good! :+1:

Who are these feckin idiots wandering about handing out 1 star ratings? Here you go son, have some more on me.

Nice work, keep it up

wow !

great character . Can u share the base mesh images and wireframe :stuck_out_tongue: .
love the overall dynamics of the costume .

super cool, ill be keeping my eye on this post.

Very cool man! Keep chippin’ away those details, its looking friggin’ awesome so far! :+1: :+1:

OMG cool!!, I thought I was the only one who who did this spawn. He’s the kewlest of the Spawn variants. Nice progress so far, keep at it :slight_smile: