Gundam "Barbatos" Form 6

Here is my take on the gundam series (Scroll down for Clay turntable) . Everything was modeled in Zbrush and rendered in Keyshot.
During the last 3 months I was enrolled in Pixologic’s Paul Gaboury Class at Gnomon School of VFX and it was an amazing experience. I was tasked to create a complex hard surface model for my final assignment and since I had fallen in love with the gundam series I thought I would recreate a mobile suit from scratch only using Zbrush. Pain in the ass but now, after this, I feel super confident in my Zbrush Skills overall . Paul’s probably the best 3D teacher I’ve had in my entire life. Thank you Paul, for all your great input and the amazingly entertaining classes!


That’s a cool Gundam :+1:

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Nice work on this! I’m sure Paul is very proud :+1:

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Thank you so much. it was my first ever full zbrush sculpt :slight_smile:
Up untill now I’ve only really used Zbrush for detailing high poly from a low poly base mesh made in maya.

Thank you. I do hope so. he’s been such an inspiration to me :smiley:

You killed it on this piece. Great to see all of the other renders. Looking forward to see more from you @RodolfoSilva

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Oh wow! Thank you so much Paul! It was an amazing ride! I will definitely keep posting more stuff here. Including Some wips of what I’ve been working on. :slight_smile:

Great, looking forward to see some WIPs