Gun Slinger WIP

This is my progress on the gun slinger I did for Adam Skutt’s online class. Based on the concept by talented Ivo Nies. I’d like to thank Adam for his amazing teaching and guidance, as well as Travis Bourbeau, Ryan Kingslien and my classmates for the help and support. The tats are from reference and one is a shout out to the great Frazetta. He will be a game character.






I fixed the pictures, they were broken for some reason… Thanks Erih for pointing out:)

Its such a great model !!

Render did in keyshot??? And clothes from marvelous designer?

Thanks Kintaro. Yes the clothes are done in Marvelous Designer. I used Zbrush for the renders.

Perfection. Love it.

cool stuff. i’m curious about 2 things.

  1. the hair looks very nice and dense, was this done with fibermesh or another way?
  2. the cloth (especially the pants) look really good in the rendering? did you manage that with a special material or different renderpasses?

congratz on a great model!

This looks awesome man what was your workflow for the tattoos they look great.

Love the face man… Any tips on converting the fibermesh into haircard?

thanks everyone!

@lopster the hair is all fibermesh… There are several fibermesh subtools forming the hair. The cloth material is two shader material with diffuse and fresnel in the second material.

@Sunray Muijsson thank you! I made the tattoos using spotlight texture projection

@nirmalendu_paul thanks! I didn’t start the hair yet but I will use Xgen instead of fibermesh.

Wow! Top notch work! Great job on giving the materials their distinct characteristics even in this grayscale render!

very nice work. i really like the face.


Top row material indeed. :slight_smile: Awesome work!

Eline saglik Emre!
Awesome stuff, keep it up!

thanks everyone for the kind comments!

@qoyun cok tesekkurler, senden duymak cok guzel:)

great work there!

Just one thing, I’m not sure about the size of the iris.
Looks a bit too small. But maybe I’m wrong.