Guild Wars 2 Character & Creature work

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working in the game industry for one year and a half. Now the game has shipped, I’d like to share some of the work I did with you. :slight_smile:

This is a light human female light armor called Profane. Our character lead Aaron Coberly created the face and body.
Hair is created by Youngji Lee. I modeled and texture the armor.

This is another light female armor.
The concept is done by Hyojin Ahn. Face is created by Aaron Coberly and hair is made by Danny Yeo.
I modeled and textured the armor.

This is the male version of the Profane armor.
Face and hair are created by Aaron Coberly. I re-concept the armor based on the Guild Wars 1 version, modeled and textured the armor.

This is a remake of the Dwarf from Guild Wars 1.
everything is on a 1k texture map.
It has been made into a stone statue so it won’t look like this in the game.

An early project that I made shortly after I started working on Guild Wars 2. Kekai Kotaki did the concept.

Everything including face, body and hair is on a 1k texture map.
All the screenshots are captured within ArenaNet’s proprietary Assets viewing tool.

I’m very excited about the launching of the Guild Wars 2 and hopefully everyone will have fun playing it! :slight_smile:








Very elegant models, not the standard brutes & babes. Great Style, clean execution.

Thank you very much! I’m glad that you like it! :slight_smile:

Super awesome! These are great!

AMAZING! How many polygons per character?

Thank you very much!

Around 7500 tris for the entire character.

REALLY nice, but this first lady’s armor seems to be her Kryptonite. Imagine sneaking up behind her and saying “stick 'em up”… she decapitates herself. I’m kidding of course, the work is fantastic, just me joking. Seeing art like this makes me want to go and upgrade my PC just to play the game. Great work!!

Have a blessed day,

We had same conversation as well. Hehe, thanks for your kind words! I hope you’ll have fun in the game! :slight_smile:

Cool stuff Boyang! I’m always surprised to not see more Guild Wars art being posted. Hopefully there’s more to come now that the game has shipped. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

art & technique are very good.
good luck…

Thank you very much Arthaven! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Here are some more Zbrush screenshots of armors and creatures.
Because of the sheer amount of assets we have to create, I tried to strike a balance between modeling and texture, that is to create shapes and volume in 3d and then add fine details during texturing.

At the beginning of the process, I did most base meshes in maya, sometimes using a little bit of dynamesh, then assemble all the pieces in zbrush and add details. I think in the production Zbrush gave me a great amount of control on managing the pieces and making changes on the fly. It’s the subtool palette, the transpose tools, the built-in plugins and all the other advanced toolsets that make our process so much more efficient and flexible. For example, very often I need to quickly mirror some armor pieces, or remove/split some components from a high polymesh while preserving the subdivision levels…

There are many other similar situations where zbrush come in to rescue. Although nowadays we have taken these things for granted, but it’s really great when I think about the fact that there is no other packages can allow us to do the same thing.

Here are some zbrush bpr render of some of the high poly assets.

This is a zbrush bpr render of an creature that I made for Guild Wars 2. Concept design was done by Kekai Kotaki.
Another creature that I made for Guild Wars 2. Concept design was done by Kekai Kotaki.

Thanks for posting !

And wow, modelling Kekai’s concept must be really fun and interesting to do.
Been really a fan of his artwork.

Thanks for posting all these again !

These are epic! rather guild wars in zbrush than join my housemates in the game x)

Thank you! Yes it was a great learning experience. :slight_smile:

Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue: