Guide Man 渡者

Guide Man is taken from my old work Skeleton Centaur.
Originally I just wanted to remake it, but after I did it, I wanted to give it a different identity
Guide Man lead the dead to the path of judgment.
This time, I return to my favorite Japanese dark style.
Abandon the use of more aggressive weapons and exaggerated shapes, and instead use small-soldier-style armored and weapons.
The simple and expressionless mask and the centaur structure are the only characteristics.
Carrying the faint light,I want to give a restrained and oppressive atmosphere.


Amazing work @jomanwing , I love the compo and particularly that mask, I want it !

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Thanks Nicolas.
I fixed the post.
I am glad you like it!

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Interesting subject, agree with Nicolas, good compo and killer mask! :+1:

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Thanks JAIME! :+1: