Guedin's sketchbook

Hi guys,

I decided to start a sketchbook on ZBrushCentral, I hope you’ll like it.

Here’s a doodle I started from a sphere and played with the new dynamesh feature :

Here’s a girl head sculpt. I played a bit with the wax preview parameters to fake sss :

And here’s a start on the head of the Major Kusanagi, as seen as in the movies. It’s still WIP :






You have unique style and cool render. I bet his will be good sketchbook.

great, really cool style:)

I love the style of the first guy, really cool!

  • Gerard

Great -especially liking the first character!

:p[HR][/HR]Cool Feeling is Nice

Thanks a lot guys ! It’s appreciated

A quick update on Kusanagi :


Nice skin!

love the first guy, Kusanagi is looking really good.

very cool characters keep it goign man , how did you fake the subsurface amy tutorial will be greet

I really like these.

really nice sculpting Guedin:+1:

i like the hair style , good job

i like the last one too :slight_smile:

Nice Style and Hair.

Thanks a lot guys

DT CARTMANIA : The sss is done with the new wax preview feature in ZBrush 4R2. You can find some infos here : http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?161537-ZBrush-4R2-ZClassroom-Movies.-Update-3&p=895791&viewfull=1#post895791

Here’s a pose for the major.
Don’t worry, she will end with clothes :wink:


great pose, even though it’s not yet polished, it has a character to it :+1:.

An update on the clothes :


This continually gets better and better.

thanks Jerick, it’s appreciated

A quick update on the Major :wink:


Damn dude, You’ve gotten a LOT better very quickly.

love the pose in this one. Very natural.