Guard Dutty

hi every one !! I started a new project. I hope you like it, i would like some feedback. the design is from André Mealha.





Can’t wait to see the end result

Awesome! the illustration looks great.

Great start Fresh, my only suggestion would be to make the head slightly bigger. In the drawing it seems to read a little bigger, plus once you put the collar on him his head will look even smaller. But overall your nailing it.:+1:

Thanks guys!!
Thanks truubluu for your suggestion, this is what I wanting for . Now I think the size a of the head is closer than the original design.
it’s very hard its the time try to make in zbrush a complet character. The coat is a nightmarre.

Finaly Done!! I hope u like it!!


Great reflection of the concept art.

Again… NAILED IT! lol Uber Great render my friend. : '):+1:

My favorite part of the original is the angularity and distinct planes of the character’s form (see esp. the thumb). I’m so glad you retained those. Beautiful work.