GTiber new sketchbook

I have not posted here in a while and i think i should start a new sketchbook. Here are some of my recent personal work.





They look so clean! I love it


Thank you guys.

Study42 : Speed sculpt. Very loose and sketchy, a real joy to make. After a picture of Lauren Keen.


Like the gesture !

Beautiful. Love the gestures in your work.

Really love these sculpts ! :+1:

I’m still learning anatomy (continuously, LOL) myself so I can relate to the difficulty of such poses.

Blown away by your work. Gesture and clothing are especially great,
So clean and sensitive, you must have quite the workflow.

This is quite alluring! I like how smooth it is

Beautiful, Graceful, Dynamic. lovely work.

Great sketches! Well balanced poses, like it very much.

Fantastic stuff, the poses and gestures of your sculpts are amazing and really dynamic :slight_smile:

Love it!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Study44 : After a concept from Jason Chan (http://www.jasonchanart.com/)


Maybe the head is a bit big?

beautifull modeling and great charadesign.

Thank you Jack and Jerick for the reply’s.

I don’t know about the head proportions. I tried to respect kids proportion but you might be right.

looks nice :slight_smile:

After a concept from Daniel Clarke.