Grot's zsphere sketches

Oi oi, its been a while. Just thought I’d drop in and post my latest zbrush creation.

Slowly learning things, polypainting etc, seems to be taking forever!

Let me know your thoughts if you got a couple of mins to spare :slight_smile:


monster 5 FINAL IMAGE .jpg

Really cool, what do you render in?

thanks man.

I probably should have put render details in the post with the image… all renders in zbrush then layered up in photoshop.

Think I used basic material1 for shadows, then a sketch matcap and flat colour over that, possibly used one other layer but I can’t remember what material that was.

try put few fresh green leaves in one hand or leg…

Wow, you mean your latest image above, the image called “monster 5 FINAL IMAGE .jpg” was rendered in Zbrush? Really good!

Tell us about your lighting and how you achieved such a natural feel and those rich shadows. :+1:

yep, “monster 5 FINAL IMAGE .jpg” was rendered totally in zbrush.

Here is a screen capture of my lighting set up. The only thing it doesn’t show is the shadow intensity setting for the second light, which is 80 instead of 75.

Nothing very complex going on, but its taken a lot of trial and error to get the renders I like. I think the polypainting must help as well, I kind of darken the paint slightly where the shadows are going to land and if there are any deep crevices.

After that it is just a matter of putting the individual layers together in photoshop. I know for a fact that there are some great tutorials on this part, somewhere in on this very forum. If I wasn’t lazy and tired I would find them and stick a link here…but I am, so you have to hunt them down yourself :slight_smile:

thanks again man, glad you like the image