Grot's zsphere sketches

Hey all, I’m fairly new to this zbrush lark but I’m pretty taken with zsphereII sketching. Didn’t want to clutter up other people threads to I’m starting this one.

I can’t seem to bring myself to actually skulpt on my sketches, I love the style of the zsheres just a bit too much:D

Anyway, let me know what you think.

Todays effort:

soldner1 front.jpg


soldner1 back.jpg

You say you are new, that is a great fist post. That i a sweet character ,I wanna see the mesh.

I know what you mean about the spheres though they look way cool


that looks great! I suppose you could learn a fair bit about aesthetics from the zsphere sketches - i.e. analyze why they look cool (they do!), I think it has quite a bit to do with form separation and curvature hinting (via. the patterned lines). Maybe you could start your sculpting by trying to replicate some of those principles, starting with form definition. You might find something that looks even cooler :wink:

One of the best efforts I’ve seen so far. :+1:

Thanks for the positive responses! :smiley:

I was really struggling with 3.1, seemed like I would spend hours fiddling around and make very little progress, but these swanky new zspheres (creating an armature then filling out the form) is much more similar to what I used to do when I did stop-mo animation and had to make puppets for that.

Super-glitcher: I totally see what you are saying about aesthetics, I’m definatley going to keep it in mind when I do eventually start sculpting.

Anyway, its not finished (the pilot’s not done and theres some bits that need tweeking) but I have savage lazy-mouse cramp so I have to call it a day, hopefully finish it off tomorrow. Here is my zsketch for today:

dirigible side 1.jpg


dirigible front 1.jpg

dirigible closeup 1.jpg

dirigible closeup 2.jpg

YEAH! ZSpheres 2 full throttle…gr8 work :+1:

wow, that’s insane…you should capture your workflow as a vid and post it :slight_smile:

dope. love it! :wink:

Just what I’ve read in another thread…Zsphering is becoming an art of it’s own.

Wonderful work. Thanks for sharing.

Yainderidoo (subscribing to this thread in the hope to see more of these exercises :wink: )

fantastic work makes me realise what kind of a tip of the Zsphere Iceburg we all find our selves at

I also like the look of the Z-spheres is there any way to make an adaptive mesh that will preserve the Z-sphere spherical shapes?

It wouldn’t be ideal for most models but definitely would be a cool and useful option in certain situations.

quick update…

Finished the one from yesterday:


I’ll post more soon :smiley:

Cheers. Grot







Interesting work!
ZSII are their own art, this design looks good as is, but are you going to skin it?

very good :cool:

cool zsphere models!

Awesome Work!!!

This is some really original and inspiring work. Keep it up!

Very inspiring! Z spheres 2 does have a very different style to model.

I still have to get a hang of it.

Keep it up!

Best zsketches i’ve seen so far buddy, love’em!!!

Thank you. I’m really enjoying Zspheres2, but unfortunately I still suck at actually sculpting.

I got zbrush with the intention of using it for illustration, still have a way to go before I can produce anything close to what I had in mind.

I shall persevere, its good fun even if I can’t obtain the results I’m after yet.

thanks again, I’ll post more Zsketches soon.