GrizzlyJake sketchbook

Havent posted a whole lot since i tried this last October http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?t=95707 so i thought I would start a thread to show my WIP stuff. In an attempt to start building a portfolio. I definetly would love to hear any feedback or critiques. I am pretty thick skinned and want to get better. I figure the only way i will be able to do 3D sculpting is freelance opportunities…so help me get better. please!!!
This is a sketch head and just playing around with Shadowbox for the headpiece. All Zbrush
The mech started in Lightwave. Zbrush for texturing, details and render
Snoopy and house done in MODO then detailed and rendered in Zbrush. Alot of snoopy was manipulated in Zbrush and still needs a little more.





Some character designs i created and am creating in 3D. Most of the base meshes where started in Lightwave/Modo and then i have begun to paint and texture them in ZBrush.







This my current project. All begun in ZBrush and sculpted there. I will post updates as i go along. I took a piece of artwork from the artist Dan Scott for a World of Warcraft character, Michael Garrett. He’s an Undead Flight Master in WoW…bats for transportation. I want to make this a whole diaromma sculpt using the pose and background elements in the artwork.



alright…NOW i see how to make good thumbnails. My bad…i will get em right next time.

nice stuff mate, keep posting! :+1:

Havent posted anything since I did all the lettering for the Halloween contest. Trying to get some new projects going, some licensed characters for practice. This is kinda based on the same type of body style that Tuff’s Conan is done in. I love that animated style. Still got some work do on him and staff so i can pose him.


sweet skeletor dude!

SKELETOR!!!, Awesome dude.
keep it coming!

Thanks TheArtViking, NicholasMarks and Hacking3D - Hopefully i will get a chance to finish him on Christmas Vacation.

Wanted to post something I did at work that is now posted, so I will link to it for everyone to see. This was a quick 2 day turnaround with a Model i already had done. In short, my department got back an Email card that we outsourced to a freelancer. The clown was flat animation and looked too closely like the clown in ToyStory 3. SO, someone had seen my clown model I had done awhile back and asked if I could use it for the ecard instead. Only problem is I dont have alot of experience in other programs boning and animating, except for Lightwave which was frustrating to animate and bone in. SO, I used ZBrushes Timeline and did a type of GREENSCREEN treatment for this. I animated the HEAD, BODY and BALLOON all seperate renders in ZBrush. Then composited in AfterEffects to knock out the background, put together and add music. It was a great excercise in what i could do with ZBrush. I know there might have been other ways to improve or animate differently and I will definetly explore. Just happy to do the rendering of the model and animation in ZBrush.






cartoon insanity :+1:

Just working on some Superhero characters. Made this big headed base to start with on each of them. This is my first test…i plan on Dynameshing them, retopologizing them and using a setup in Cinema for rendering the final. Here are some tests…

Hehe, nice job on the Red Skull!

Thanks Sketchguy! Love what your working on too…!

Just some new sketches…the pigman needs some work…anatomy, pose and pants finished. The goatman is just finished as is, a quick sketch.

amazing collection of stuff!!

thanks jack666!