Grimwolf's Sketchbook

I’m finally coming well along in my tutorials and finished the basic stuff. Here’s my first ZBrush project.
The model is more simple than I’d like, so I’ll be re-doing most of it to add spikes, mandibles, an open mouth etc.



The first time I made it simple so I’d be certain to just get something completed, but this time I’m pushing just how far I can take it.
The ZSphere armature I used in the last one was basically just a single line, so it’s already a hell of a lot more complex.
I’m completely open to any constructive criticism or advice on my work, it would be very helpful.



I’ve been procrastinating a little and taking longer than I expected, so here’s another WIP shot;



The model itself is now finished. All I have to do is texture it.
In hindsight, it was too early for something this complex, so it ended up taking a crazy amount of time.DemonWorm.jpg

Very nice work for just having started out. I really think the scale plating is the strongest part of this model so far.

Even if it took a long time its worth the learning experience. Speed will come in time as long as you keep at it. Plus all of us bumbled around in Zbrush for the first month or 2 while we were learning it.

Great work!

I really like the model tho:) reminds me of vel’koz from League of legends!
i’m trying to learn in my free time and I’m having the same problem, starting waaaaaay to big projects and never finishing them :slight_smile:

I’ve finished texturing it now

Uhhh, i like that!
the scales are good!

I think I found a good balance of complexity with this one. It only took a few hours to make.