Grid ZScript

Hello everybody,

i want to share my first try to make a “usefull” ZScript… it is a script, which will draw a grid on your zbrush canvas with diffrent settings… and you can align your tool an this grid…

maybe someone can use it… i dont now if there is a script like this somewhere on the net… if yes, it was a cool learning script…


i hope i found every error… :slight_smile:


Hi BigMike
Your script works fine !
I think that you must indicate that We must clic many time on the “?” for have the complete manual :slight_smile:
I have found just a little thing :smiley: (for the moment)
The translate of the item “Put on own layer” is german language when the the mouse is above :slight_smile:
The align tool for me was just align on the intersection : is that normal ? (you said along)
In normal use how many layers is used ?
Just a sugestion : can you draw the Midle lines at the end ,
because the normal line hide the axes when intersect :slight_smile:
Great first script !
Have you fell some difficulties for realise that or it was easy ?
Ps more suggestion : Circular grid, concentric grid, scale differential…
More colors for making gradient.
Can you give an exemple(image) with two different Z paramaters ?
I don’t very understand this option :slight_smile:

thanks a lot!
sorry for the missing translation… i write it first in german and then translated it…
the align tool works on the intersection formed by the gridlines… i changed it in the text…


here is a simple example with two diffrent z-depth settings:

if you enabled the option “Put on own layer” the grid is drawn on the actual layer and a new one will be created…

it is a good idea to draw the middle lines at the end… i will make this and i think about your great suggestions… :slight_smile:
i will upload the new version in the next days here…

it was a big fun to write this script… you can learn a lot more about zbrush if you write such a script…


Hi Big Mike
The quality of your realisation is inciting to make a script ! Maybe a day I shall finally cracked :slight_smile:
For the layers I have not very well reading that a new layer is created when own is enable !
Ok I understand the Z :slight_smile:
Can I snap a brush stroke line to the Intersections ?
Last suggestion for today :slight_smile:
You put the minimum to 10 Pixols but if some one (me for example see at the bottom :rolleyes:
want to use your script for make patchwork or colored papers the minimum 1 for H&W will be wished :slight_smile:

Made with your script :slight_smile:

Thanks Big Mike! :smiley:

i like your suggestion very much, Frenchy Pilou and i will put a new version of this script here in the next days… :slight_smile:

Hi BigMike,
great zscript…only a request: can you post the source ?
I have written a lot of ZScripts and i have always post the source. :wink:
I hope you are a fan of OpenSource.


p.s. if you don’t want post the source … no problem.

cool script, was just trouble about the Z alignment. Thumbs Up.

@cameyo: no problem… i will corrected some problems and then i upload here the complete files… ok?

Thank You BigMike :+1: :+1: :+1:,
I appreciate a lot your decision :wink:
I like to learn from other Zscripters.


looking fantastico, BigMike! cant wait for the updated version!

for those looking for something similar yet different :slight_smile: - check out Muvlos SnaptoGridScript (i havent checked it in 1.55 yet).

  • juandel

:small_orange_diamond: :small_orange_diamond: :small_orange_diamond: New ZGrid Script for ZBrush 2.0!


grid.txt (16.9 KB)



:angry: New Script zRectangular :angry:


_zGrid.txt (16.9 KB)

_zRectangular.txt (8.41 KB)



and his Zfabric :wink:
Have fun scripting!

Danke BigMike and RVy:+1:
Used the grid from the zscript for a masking by grabbing doc as texture and texture to grad and used the bronze material from the bronze wip post
grid test2.jpg

The new version of a script zRectangularA


Frenchy_Pilou, thanks for the help! I did not see a script zFabric. Very interesting script!
Has looked also gallery of your works. Strong impressions!

Thanks SpaceMan for an interesting example of application of a script!



_zRectangularA.txt (9.44 KB)



Hi RVy,
great script :+1:
try the “Fill” section of my Zplace script…or the “Grid” section of the same script.
There is the source, too.

Keep on…


How to install Grid zscript in zbrush?:cry: