Greetings and here's some artwork

Hello all, long time 3ds Max user (since Discreet’s v4.2) finally taking the plunge into the Zbrush waters. Here’s my first attempt at using Zbrush (well, that I feel like sharing anyway). Body, clothing and hat shape/blocking in Zbrush, retopo in 3d-Coat, UVs and Vray lighting/render in Max. Feedback would be most appreciated.






This is a character I’ve developed and redeveloped over the years. This is the best version I’ve made yet. Zbrush, 3d-Coat Retopo, 3ds Max lighting/Vray render.strange2k-j-strange-pat-front.jpgstrange2k-j-strange-pat-side.jpgstrange2k-j-strange-pat-back.jpgstrange2k-j-strange-pat-front-nude.jpgstrange2k-j-strange-pat-side-nude.jpgstrange2k-j-strange-pat-back-nude.jpgstrange2k-j-strange-pat-front-wire.jpg

Character design I’ve been playing with for a while. Tribute to Harryhausen, Vallejo and Pulp Sci-Fi book covers of yesteryear. Testing out variant with and without cape. I think Edna Mode may have been right. Zbrush, 3d-Coat retopo, Max UVs, Photoshop textures, Vray lighting/render setupstrange2k-j-strange-front (1).jpgstrange2k-j-strange-front-cape.jpgstrange2k-j-strange-side.jpgstrange2k-j-strange-back.jpgstrange2k-j-strange-side2.jpgstrange2k-j-strange-top.jpgstrange2k-j-strange-front-no-text.jpg

BBW Pinup on roller skates. Zbrush, 3d-Coat retopo. Ornatrix hair. Vray renderFront alternate.jpgFront.jpgSide 2b.jpgBack b.jpgSide b.jpgFront solid.jpg

3d based on http://nerd-scribbles.deviantart.com/art/Terrarium-Bots-452569049
Zbrush & Keyshotperspective.jpgfront.jpgplain.jpg

Burtony/Diagon Alley looking stuff. Zbrush & Keyshot.thumbnail 1.jpgthumbnail 2.jpg

You have a very personal style, which is always a good sign.
And I like what you show.

Please continue posting.