Green mesh when import from maya

Hi, i have this problem only with that mesh, try with another object and work correctly, i can sculpt but is dificult to see something with that color and change the material dont work. Thanks all!

Hi @luquero92 Welcome to ZBrush Central

Try resetting the material and color. The Flat Color material in the Standard Materials palette will reset any material and color information on the subtool. First select the Flat Color material with white selected in the color picker. Then turn on Mrgb at the top then go to Color palette and click “FillObject”. You should now be able to select another color and material.

Also, the latest version of ZBrush is 2021.5.1. As new features and bug fixes were added, you might want to upgrade. You can download it from your My Licenses page. It is a free upgrade to registered users