Grassetti's Sketchbook

Hey guys, I usually dont have time to do sketches but im starting this thread to motivate me to do more.
I started this model on my freetime at work this week. Took me 2 days to finish it.
Started from a Sphere using dynamesh. Everything into one subtool and no symmetry. Based on a concept by Brent Hollowell,

high res version

Breakdown of the render in zbrush.

Time lapse of the sculpting process.

1st part

2nd part

Hope you guys like it! I will update this again soon.








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Diggin the texture in the face!

Dude… you make me sick! this is amazing! man makes me wanna give up Zbrushing lol :wink:

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Rafael!
This piece is incredible!

You`re tha man!

Really excellent work! I particularly love the face! :+1:

yeah! stunning work man!

always great - thx for the breakdown

looks like a fun sculpt. I’d like to see more keep them coming.

Great work.I do have one doubt.Can you tell me the resolution of the sphere?

That’s amazing! I think it’s ultra fast to do such quality piece in two days. THanks for the time lapse, very inspirational.

You make this looks easy. Amazing work Rafael!!!

Amazing work.

awesome stuff. keep it up :slight_smile:

amazing work Grassetti :+1:
nice animation of the process of sculpture :sunglasses:

Hey Raf!

We miss you in Montreal! Great work as always! The timelapse is great!

Cool breakdown! Thanks!


This is a top notch work Grasetti. Well done!

this is such inspiring and motivating
fantastic piece!

2 Days for a masterpiece! amazing work dude