Graphics Pens?

I’ve just gotten into the world of 3D/CG art and design, and I’m really considering getting a Wacom Intuos3 http://www.wacom.com/productinfo/6x8.cfm. I’m wondering who all uses these or a similar product, and what size?


Search the forum, this has come up several times, plenty of responses and preferences. :wink:

Ah yes, I do see this has been talked about at length. I’d still hope to get some comments though. This is more of a “what size, and do I -really- need it?” type question.

So what size do people use?

Personally, as an artist, I would have to say it is a must have. There is no subsitute for the response you get from using a pen. I’ve owned just about every size in the wacom tablets. Have never regreted the purchase. My goal now is to get the Cintiq(sp?) lcd tablet.

I use a genius mousepen 8x6, just 45€, and works great for a lot of things. I think you must try one like this before pay ten times more money for something you may not use.

Anyone else use a Genius mousepen…

It seems to be a bit of an obscure/cheaper version. But the stats seem similar.

Everyone seems to use a Wacom though, and there are no batteries involved.

use my mouse mostly, simply cause i multi task. but when doing alot of pm i like the pen and tablet.

Im mixed, i used my roommatetablet which s HUGE like a small tv. with that i found it took too long to navigate cross screen.

I hear tell alot of people who use dual pens on one tablet. they are teh hardcore.

i wouldn’t spend a whole lot, maybe get a 12 incher or sumtin. yea, thats what she said too!

12 inches is really out of my price range, the most I can spend is about 350, and that’s if I’m lucky.

The Intuos3 6x8 right now seems to be my best option for what I anticipate doing in this field. I suppose I just want a little confirmation of the quality of the product.

Again this has been discussed at enormous length - what money do you have? It’s simple, get the best you can afford and use it.

I have a Wacom Cintiq 21U, had every Wacom tablet that has ever been released. Each evolution has saved me countless hours and opened up immense freedom. If your piddling around, it just isn’t worth it, if you are making a living, it is a cheap price to pay to be productive.

Go forth and doodle. :wink:

Well I’d like to say that I’m not just piddling around. But I’m not making/planning to make my entire living off the creation of digital art. It’s something I love to do, and I want to be able to do it as well as the others here.

Intuos is higher end, and not required for basic “CG” work. It just depends on what youre looking to do. Are you a painter, or just looking to do 3d modelling?

For 3D stuff, Zbrush, simple pshop photo retouching or texture work, I think the affordable Graphire tablets are fine. Id check out one of those first to see if its for you, esepcially if youre “just starting out” in “CG” work.

If you are looking to do high end paint work though, then its an Intuous 6x8 or larger all the way( well, or Cintiq, but thats not realistic for most people), and dont let anyone tell you differently.

Perhaps it would be good to get a more affordable Graphire model for now, as I am just beginning(though this isn’t my first art experience entirely). I do hope to refine my skills so that I can achieve something like the current top-row work…and I think that’d be what I’d use an Intuos3 for. No way I can get a cintiq…way to much money.

I’ve been 2D/3D freelancing for about 4-5 years now and bought a Wacom Graphire 5 years ago, its a serial one so its a bit slow around the curves but I still find it works great and I dont feel the need to a larger pad as I only tend to scribble in the middle areas anyway…I probably should get a USB one tho :wink:

I also used the mouse for a couple of years before that but have to say using a pen/tablet is soooo much better/quicker!!

I have the largest intuous3 and the smallest. I never use the big one due to its size. I’m going for a Cintiq later this year. For basic modeling a mouse is easiest for me. I only use a tablet for detailed work or for photoshop work. They take a while to get used to. Just like when you first started with a mouse. Once you get the hang of it they are the best. You can not reach the same level of detail or freedom with a mouse. You should try a Graphire first. I think it would probably serve well for most purposes. Don’t let the low price fool you - they perform very well.

I’d like to see more about the Cintiq’s. Nobody seems to talk about them much though. Jason if your still around, whats your the only person I’ve seen post that they are using one.