Hi guys this is my last work the grandmother, i need a help to make the hair i don’t know how do i can make, plz help
plz C&C


If you are looking to sculpt the hair in PM go here and check out Rimassons Detailing a human head video.

if you are want real hair you will have to learn how to it in maya or some other program If you have maya the plugin shave and haircut is better than using maya default fur and hair system IMO, however I think its like 300 frog skins.

as far as your head is concerned its pretty good but it kinda looks like a grandpa maybe if you tried narrowing the face a bit more that hair always sells females anyway

Hi Evan, I use 3ds max and i have the Hair-Fx, But how can i add some hair in this mesh? beacuse it have a lot of poly


Actually I just got done fooling with this problem in Maya/Zbrush and there is a very simple solution for hairing a hi res character that should work with most hair systems (I know it works with Maya Hair, Maya Fur and Shave and a Haircut and I vaguely recall it working with Sasquatch, I haven't used 3ds MAX hair so I can't be sure but...). The idea is to create a lo-res "bald cap" of geometry, based on the head shape, which will be the actual growth surface for the hair, instead of trying to mess with the hires character model. One nice thing about this is that it allows for easy UV layout (if relevant to a given hair engine) and allows tweaking hair parameters without the headache of rendering the hires model. When you go to final rendering, you just make sure to turn off visibility on the baldcap (and shadow casting etc). If the character will be animated, just bind the bald cap to the same deformers as the head and it should follow merrily along with it. let me know if this works.