Gpepper's old and new stuff

My old sketchbooks disapeared… :frowning:
So here are the old stuff I did since 2004:

gilles_pfeiffer_werechicken.jpggilles_pfeiffer_alien.jpggilles_pfeiffer_chetzar.jpgscreen4.jpgnez.jpggrouin.jpggilles_pfeiffer_autrucheman.jpgrabbit_screen24.jpgkid8.jpg gilles_pfeiffer_mobiman.jpg

See you soon with the new stuff !



oh ! welcome back to zbrushcentral ! it’s been a while i didn’t saw these pics :smiley: also, i didn’t know you were too on zbrushcentral ^^ oh i forgot : do you remember me from CGcoach ? :slight_smile:

Thanks !
I’m in since 2004 !
I can’t remember what was your entry ? Can you refresh my memory a bit ?

well, it’s about the maternity statue that i’m still working on ^^ i also too did give you a review on your kangaroo guy. :slight_smile:

Your Rabbit reminds me of the rabbit costume Michael Jackson wore in Moonwalker :smiley: good stuff!

Nice work! I like the rabbit!

rabbit = awesom

Thanks Guys !

here are few more sculpts.
They are just tests between Sculptris and ZBrush:skull.jpgsculptris_to_zbrush.jpgalien_sculptris.jpgalien2.jpg

First try sculpting a women head…
This is Sculptris’ sculpt and then imported in ZB just to render…


This is the start, I think I have to work on basic shapes around the mouth…

quick sculpt in Sculptris rendered in ZB:

Hi guys, I just want to tell you that these days I do more Sculptris work than ZB…
You can find my sketches and tests here:


H](http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?161615-Gpepper-Testbook)ere are few things I did recently:





The last Character was made during training videos I recorded…

A lot of interesting stuff here.

Hi guys !
Just a quick message to inform you that my first video tutorial is online here:


More than 5h30 to learn Sculptris doing a realistic face.
I show also how to render it in Maya with Mental Ray SSS…

Sorry, it is in French…

finally ! best of luck with this new adventure !

I replicate my last sculpt on Sculptris because there were no crits from the sculptris community… :cry:
Here is the start of a Diablo III fan-art:


More to come later !

few brushes after…


Still doodling in Sculptris…
A Face for a french training on Sculptris…


Rendered and painted in Sculptris:


Rendered in 3ds max with Mental ray’s SSS:


New stuff !
Things in ZBrush Core Modeled during a training video course:

The robot is inspired from SpaceCowSmith

The orc use Su Yeong Kim reference from one of his sculpt


The course looks to be working! Those last two sculpts are nice. A 3D artist in the making-:wink: Best of luck with your art my friend.