Gpepper Sketchbook II

Hi all !
Here is the start of my new sketchbook.

I always really want to sculpt a kid…
A cartoon one.
So here is the start:

The base mesh:




Hi, Great start. I am really looking forward to this one! :slight_smile:

this is really a start…

Good 2 C U here again G!

Thanks guys !

@Daddy :wink:

Yes it’s really the beginning ! But I like to show the entire wip…

Few minutes later:


Don’t know if I go to the little “Frankenstein” or the regular kid morphology…



Ok, regular boy:








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Sorry, I didn’t mean to “spam” the forum.
I will be more careful in the future.
Thanks Mr Aurick ! :wink:

started to polypaint it, and few tweaks…


whats he so serious about? :smiley:
Nice work so far the nose may be a bit harshly cut and the mouth
looks like its lacking volume.
Post some sideviews so we can see it better.



Can you explain me better Disco please ?

EDIT: Sorry Aurick, I just forgot your advise… :confused:



Sure thing.
Heres a little paintover showing what i mean.
Try adjusting it at a lower subdivision level if you decide to do so to
prevented the blobby surface you are getting on the mouth right now.
[[attach=160599]kid9 Kopie.jpg[/attach]]kid9 Kopie.jpg

Ok, I will check that.

Maybe the nose was better in this post:

Nice work Peper, looks like Charlie Sheen.

Keep going!!

Hey, first time I see your second sketchbook thread. Nice modeling on this little guy. Hes in a bad mood, huh? :D IMO the hair needs more work but its still a WIP, isn`t it?
Are you using 3.5 now?

Hi Moni !
Yes it is still a wip ! :wink:
I use the 3.5, finally !

I just disvoverd your two sketchbooks and I really like what I see. Imagination abondante!

New sketch…
Research for an avatar for an Iphone application…


i love it
check my works plz