Goz won't transfer 3ds max material Ids to polygroups

Goz won’t transfer 3ds max materials Ids to polygroups in Zbrush. The model comes from max as an editable poly, with material ids and multi-material applied. In zbrush preferences import/export, import mat as groups is selected. After hitting the Goz button, it comes in Zbrush without any polygroup.

It works when I export the model as obj, with texture coordinates, export materials, and create mat-library selected from max. when I import the obj in Zbrush, polygroups are showing. When I send this imported obj from ZB to max with Goz, the polygroups turn to material ids as expected, but when I send it back to ZB the polygroups are lost.

Anyone have an idea what can go wrong ? thanks.

Using Zbrush 2021.6.4, 3dds Max 2021, windows 10.

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