GoZ plugin for SimLab Composer

With the release of GoZ Plugin for SimLab Composer, ZBrush designers have access to the complete power of SimLab Composer, including rendering, animation, creating VR experiences, and generating 3D PDF files.

The new plugin allows easy integration path between the two applications, the new version of SimLab Composer now includes a GoZ importer.

Ready for testing?

The plugin is available on Windows and Mac from the following link

You will also need the latest version of SimLab Composer, which can be downloaded from the following link

Preview video is available here



If all what you need is to render a photo realistic image up to Full HD (1920*1080) you can use SimLab Composer Lite edition.

SimLab Composer Lite is a free edition of SimLab Composer, the rendered images using SimLab Composer Lite can be used commercially.