Gouken - character from Street Figter

Hello everyone,

I always wanted to make something good enough to post on Zbrushcentral but with all the awesome sculpts in here it is not easy to reach the quality.

This is an old model I had started in Mudbox and then abandoned unfinished. However recently I had some time to spend on the model again. And I finished the accessories, fine surface details and textures. This time everything was done with Zbrush.

In fakt this is a good opportunity to thank to Pixologic for the wonderful software.:slight_smile:
Hopefully soon they will implement a flexible UI that support a second monitor and accurate perspective camera with intuitive navigation.






Well done! cool pose. Nice sculpting.

Thank you. I will post some pictures with the textured character soon but I have to do the conpositing and overpaint in my spare time so it is a bit tricky :slight_smile:

I dont have much of experience rendering in Keyshot ( specially characters ) and it looks like that using the traditional ZBrush renderer could be much more efficient as it is VERY fast and easy to work with and the results are not any different from using an advance renderer like Keyshot, Mental Ray or Vray… It is awesome for me not to need to wait for 30-60 min every time I hit the render button.

Love ZBrush renderer :slight_smile:

If someone is interested in downloading this model ( for free ) it is available at my website: http://vladivpg.wix.com/vladi3d#!organic-model/cql7

Have fun and if you like the model please leave a comment. Thank you :slight_smile:

I really like the render look, pose and theme! Crits: the torso seems too long and the beard & hairs are somewhat lifeless. Enjoyed the piece a lot anyways, especially as I’m working on a budo-themed sculpt myself at the moment.

Wow this really looks just like gouken, stance and all very Good work!


and thanks alot for the good words and the critics about the disproportion and a bit stiff hair.
Good points I agree - part of the problem comes from my camera choice. I always seem to like cameras with less perspective distortion. And also in this case the field of view is too narrow so the legs of the character appear short compared to the upper body. Even though in reality it is not like that, or definately not as much.
And the lack of dynamic and " motion " of the hair is due to not enough experience in modeling hair and fur. Here on ZBrushCentral there are many wonderful examples about that. I will see if I can work a bit more with my character to improve the hair.

Thanks again:)