Gorten, The halfbreed adventurer


This was made for my character art class during my exchange semester at the NAD in Montreal. I stepped up my sculpting game during this whole project and had the chance to start diving in Marvelous Designer for real this time ! I wanted to go stylized but not too simplistic, I am pretty happy with the result although I am sure the next one will be better !
You can check out the full artstation post here

A massive thank to Chris Cao for his advice throughout this sculpt and to Pavel Hristov for his genius concept art .

As soon as i saw the concept arts, I had a story growing in my head of these half-breed twins kicking the road, looking for survival and adventure whom I named Gorten and Pavaya. He is proud and joyfull, willing to put massive efforts in small tasks just to prove his capabilities. He is not always the brightest in the gang, but he always manage to find his own way through… eventually.
I would love to start working on his sister as soon as possible to complete the story of those snarky competitive twins !
I hope you’ll enjoy !


I really like the job that you’ve done here. Lots of wonderful details. I think you’ve accomplished your goals.

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Thank you !

Wonderful attention to details you have in this character @Actaee you should be very proud :clap: welcome to the community :blush: looking forward to seeing more from you.

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Welcome to the community. A really love this piece. Thank you for posting so much.

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Thank you so much @Jaime ! It means a lot !

Excellent work! I love all the details you put into it. Great job!

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Thank you @Ajax3d !

Thanks @PixoPaul ! I deeply appreciate this :star_struck:

Really solid translation of the concept!! :sunglasses: :+1: :star2:!!

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Thanks ! I loved the concept so much i really wanted to be as accurate as i could :slight_smile:

Excellent work!

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Wonderful! :+1:

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Thank you very much @marcus_civis ! :star_struck:

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