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Hello, everyone!

I’ve decided to post my works at ZbrushCentral. I think this site unites good artists with whom I would be glad communicating and getting comments to my 3d works. Hope you’ll like them.




Wow! Beautiful work. The concept is really cool. Very nice first post. Please keep them coming. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

nice work in here.

Outstanding design and execution. Give us more, pleeeeease.

Excellent in every respect. I hope there are many more works to come! :smiley:

This is excellent work. Very interesting design.

Is this whole sculpt one single mesh? I have some concept models similar to yours, but I seem to reach a geometry limit very quickly, making details impossible. I have trouble getting enough geometry for a single humanoid model, but you have a humanoid figure, a beast figure, tons of tail geometry, and high detail over the entire thing.

How do you manage that? :wink:

Excellent work! The first one reminds me of Midna from Zelda.

nice work!!

Great work! like character :+1:

Superb concept creature with details i love how he’s standing in the bones and the 2 arms extending while the spine tail is curving up.
loving this one :+1:

Great design and execution!

One of the most original creature concepts I´ve seen lately. Outstanding work and wonderfully executed. Just wow. Keep it coming, you got some excellent skills.

Wow, what a post to get things rolling with…great work, lovely detail, like Magmapixel inquired, how do you get so much detail, is it a single piece? Looking forward to more, very original creature indeed

amazing work. really love it.

Great work!! :+1:

Wow. That’s awesome. Very original. I saw your first picture which was very impressive, only to scroll down and realize the little guy is part of a much bigger creature. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.

Wow super inventive creature!

Wow! Did not expect so many positive comments! Thanks a lot!

zber2, BlueAppleStudio, chalkman, thanks! I’m going to post more works soon;)

Nattawat_OBBI, womball, Polo2011, CGPoto, Moths, tobbeo, locusta, GX@W, sculptor.zb, lucaswschmidt, thank you for comments. Really appreciate it!

MagmaPixel, d100763, thanks for your interest. Yes, this sculpt is one single mesh except for thorns on hands. When I needed somewhere more and somewhere less geometry I used GoZ to correct the mesh in Maya. The monster poly count is 2.6 million.

XxDarkMessiahxX, thanks! it was my plan to surprise you while scrolling down indeed;)

This is the final render from my Zbrush tutorial.I hope you enjoy it.:wink:

Tutorial series coming soon to 3DCreative Magazine!The-watcher_3DCreative-Magazine.jpg



old man speed sculpt