Good tutorials, Books Or Courses

Hi Guys

just getting into Zbrush, i know a little about 3d modelling and rendering but not loads and have been following some Youtube guides to make some models and im reasonably happy with the results.

What i would like to know if anyone can recommend tutorials books or courses about the fundamentals and processes of how to use zbrush e.g when to use Dynamesh, Sculptrispro, sub divisions. poly paint etc etc. and workflow what order to do things in.

Any advice will be appreciated

Hello David.

Reading at least the entire “Getting Started” section of the Zbrush documentation will save you several trips back here with common new user issues. Pay special attention to the “basic concepts” section.

From there the Pixologic Classroom has a ton of helpful vids for different skill levels.

The Ask Zbrush series has a wealth of videos on more advanced Zbrush concepts. You wont do it quickly, but you would benefit enormously by watching all of them.

Also on the Pixologic site you can find links to third party commercial instruction and videos.

Good luck!